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Kam Ying Court

Mong Kok

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Kam Ying Court Bus Terminus
Kam Ying Road, outside Saddle Ridge Garden
Kam Ying Road, opposite Kam Lung Court Lung Yiu House
Sai Sha Road Southbound, opposite Villa Athena
Sai Sha Road, Outside Sunshine City
Sai Sha Road, outside Chung Wo House, Chung On Estate
Hang Hong Street, outside Tsang Pik Shan Secondary School
Hang Hong Street, outside Yiu On Estate Bus Terminus
Hang Tak Street Southbound, near Tai Shui Hang Station
Chevalier Garden Bus Terminus
A Kung Kok Street bus lay-by near Sha Tin Fishermen’s New Village
A Kung Kok Street, outside Shatin Hospital
Choi Hung Public Transport Terminus
Mong Kok Road, outside Fa Yuen Street Market Complex



Start StopEnd StopFare
Kam Ying Court Bus TerminusMong Kok Road, outside Fa Yuen Street Market Complex$17.2


Monday to Sunday (Include Public Holidays))
PeriodInterval (Minutes)
02:34 - 05:1512
23:30 - 02:348

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